Website Design

Time For A Website Makeover?

A quality site with the user experience in mind and practical functionality are important to your business.  A website not only serves as the online front door to your business, but also holds the keys to achieving higher rankings in search engines (see Search Engine Optimization) and results with digital marketing. TMG designs and build sites and can also rework existing sites.  Our team includes experienced developers and coders who can make your site perform to your audience’s expectations and demands.   We pay close attention to tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  TMG will take a deep dive into your keywords, content and performance.  We also analyze your competitors to see how they rank. Your website provides a wealth of information for you to help align your messaging to your target audience and customer. Learn how to harness the power and data that is right at your fingertips. As a boutique firm, TMG explores the entire consumer path to purchase and your website is often the first stop.

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